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relper 3.0.0 (Calculations All The Way)

In this major release, relper enhances its data analysis capabilities with a powerful suite of functions for computing various metrics and calculations.

These additions transform the package into a comprehensive “Data Insight Toolbox,” empowering users to gain deeper insights and perform advanced analyses on their datasets. Additionally, some functions have been renamed for better clarity and consistency.


  • Functions: calc_association,calc_correlation, calc_kurtosis, calc_modality, calc_skewness, is_weekend, stat_normality and summary_xy


  • Renaming of the functions: calc_date_aux() to dttm_vars and calc_date_diff() to dttm_diff

relper 3.1.7


  • Function calc_error

relper 3.2.0


  • Function plt_regression_line

relper 3.3.0


  • Function palette_two

relper 3.4.0


  • Function str_extract_char

relper 3.5.0


  • Function stat_missing_values

relper 3.6.9


  • Parameter prefix to the function dttm_vars
  • Parameter ... to the function plt_scale_y_mirror to apply the function format_num to the breaks labels

relper 3.7.0


  • Function is_blank

relper 3.8.18


  • Functions calc_combination and plt_pinpoint
  • Arguments trim and weight to the function calc_mean


  • Functions calc_geometric_mean and calc_harmonic_mean were removed and became calc_mean

relper 3.9.2


  • Functions plt_no_text and plt_no_grid
  • New palettes


  • Functions palette_ prefix changed to pal_

relper 2.0.0 (Visual Delight)

In this major release, relper introduces a brand-new feature called palette_, that contains palettes inspired by movies and TV shows.

The palette_ functions provides users with a rich collection of color palettes carefully curated from popular films and television series, adding a touch of cinematic charm to their data visualizations.

Whether it’s evoking the nostalgic hues of a beloved classic or the vibrant colors of a contemporary blockbuster, palette_ allows users to effortlessly infuse visual storytelling into their plots.


  • Functions: palette_

relper 2.1.0


  • Dataset vfx_watermark_white


  • More steps to the function as_num, such as removing characters

relper 2.2.0


  • Function plt_scale_y_mirror

relper 1.0.0 (Rebirth)

The initial release of relper lays the groundwork for future development of the library.

This version entails a complete refactoring of the entire package in order to comply with better development practices.

Significant enhancements include the addition of vignettes to provide comprehensive usage examples, extensive documentation for all functions to assist developers in understanding the library’s capabilities, the adoption of standard naming conventions for improved consistency, and the integration of comprehensive unit tests to ensure the codebase’s reliability and stability.

relper 1.1.1


  • Renaming of the function str_to_abb argument n_char to n_abb

relper 1.2.0


  • Dependencies: glue, rlang, scales and tidyselect

  • Documentation: vfx_watermark


  • Datasets: df_month and df_week

  • Dependencies: png

  • Functions: summary_data